Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A day in the life...and more

Having a video camera (that thankfully wasn't stolen) has allowed me to document my time here in Africa. Yet I realized I haven't filmed as much as I'd like. So I brought my video camera to work for a day to film so of what goes on at the hangar and some of the people I've been working with. I hope you enjoy this first installment of a day in the life...


The More:

I was also thinking about all the strange, funny, and interesting things that I have seen or experienced while here. Here's a small list of some of them:

  • The other day at the Masai Market I was called Chuck Norris by two guys. (I guess it's the red beard).
  • I have heard several well-known Christian contemporary songs on the Christian radio station here in Nairobi.
  • One of those songs was the Veggie Tales 'cheeseburger' song
  • Barack Obama is the savior of Kenya to nearly all Kenyans. Many of the guys I work with ask me why in the world I wouldn't vote for him. One even told me I was blinded by my political party.
  • Chips are crips, fries are chips, napkins are feminine cloths, pants are underwear
  • There is an African Idol show. I have never seen it, but from what I hear, the contestants should really stick to singing African songs instead of American
  • Since I sometimes sing loudly when they play a song I know (some of the missionaries play their Christian music in the hangar) I am sometimes called the 'African Idol'
  • I am also called a 'white mgeki (sp?)' by one of the guys in the hangar. The mgeki are the mob in Kenya.
  • Since being here I have met two people who went to Piedmont, a youth group from Virginia (including a guy who graduated from Liberty this year), a girl from Tyler, TX (for you Heather :), and no one in Kenya knows where West Virginia is.
  • If you're a traffic cop and are tired of directing traffic, just allow a crossing lane to go, create a jam, and hop on the nearest bus outta there.
  • Cats in our neighborhood sound like children getting beaten. I have gotten worried a few times someone was actually in trouble.
  • Copyright laws mean nothing here. (ex. Blockbusters video)
  • Although there are no American restaurant chains, that doesn't keep them from adversiting: "McDonalds burger: almost like the real thing" or "Kentucky Fried Chicken"
  • A sign: "Car Wash and Chicken 4 Sale"
  • Another sign: "Striky no overnight stay"
  • Incas Flour will revitalize your man. (This was a billboard we saw everyday from work, complete with a picture of a shirtless, buff man)
  • And you know you've been in Africa too long when you find yourself saying: "Oh look! A white guy!"
I'm sure to add to this list as my time here continues, but I hope you have found this as humorous as I have.


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