Sunday, August 17, 2008

The End?

This quite possibly will be my last post I write while living in the continent of Africa.

The thought of leaving on Tuesday evening is mixed with joy and sadness. Part of me is extremely excited to get back to my family, girlfriend, and those I love...yet the other part is not ready to leave.

So many thoughts flood my head today and the last few days. Things I have learned...relationships I've built...the changes that have taken place back home since I've been gone...and my future ministry. I don't know if I have taken full advantage of my time here...if my questions about a future ministry have been answered...or how much of an impact I have made since being here.

I think back to all that I have been able to do and see...Mt. Kilimanjaro...the Nile River...Tanzania...Sudan...Uganda...the Greenhouse orphanage...a safari...multiple maintenance projects...scraping glue ;)...a robbery...and countless talks an relationship building. It is more than I ever thought I would be able to do; each one with its own challenges and learning processes. To write down all I have learned would take longer than I have time...and I honestly probably don't know yet all that I have learned or will learn as I reflect on my time here in Africa. Yet one thing I will say here at the end...

God is faithful and works in ways that we could not imagine or even comprehend. Yet He loves His children and will place them and direct them through circumstances and tasks that will allow them to know Him better. I believe this trip has allowed me to know Him better...which should have been my only goal to begin with.

I thank you all for all your prayers and support throughout this trip. I would not be here without those things. I look forward to chatting with each of you and telling you more about my experiences.

So now at the end...I don't consider it the end...just the beginning of the next phase God has for me on my journey!


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